The Iron Dome

I think it is clear to everyone who is a neoreactionary in some way that our elites have placed us under an “iron dome”, under which our lives, thoughts, and financial transactions are bound. Our electronic transactions are under surveillance, especially with the new legislation which was recently been passed in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, we have new UN leader who is left-wing as ever, especially regarding the flood of migrants into Europe.

Yes, Trump and Brexit, and hopefully the Austrian election very soon, have begun to crack this dome, but it is reluctant to shatter. Our political leaders, inasmuch as they bind us in political states which are unable to serve our interests as ethnic individuals make up this iron dome.

We ought to ask ourselves, would our ancestors, who fought the globalist empire of Rome in the Teutoburg forest, or the Spartans who defended a free Greece against the globalist empire of Persia at Thermopylae put up with this shit? Obviously not. We all know what they would have done, and what we will need to do if we cannot win this struggle for the dignity of our people through the electoral process.

Hermann the Cheruscan



Trump’s Victory

Well, Trump won. Now those of use on the neoreaction need to have a balanced viewpoint of this. Trump’s presidency should provide a political climate more favorable to our movement, but as I have said before, and will repeat again: Trump is an American civic nationalist; ultimately it is the responsibility of the neoreaction and alt-right to encourage ethnonationalism. Trump may keep America alive for a few years longer, but the way demographics are, if persons of European ancestry wish to have a significant presence on the North American continent 200 years from now, an ethnostate of some sort is almost certainly necessary. Now for those of you excited by this victory, I pose the question: is Trump an avatar of the Indo-European 2nd-funtion deity? (from Dumezil’s trifunctional hypothesis) Some images for inspiration below:

Trump vs. Political Correctness
Thor vs. Jormungandr (by Kubeen on Deviant Art)
Indra vs Vritra
Heracles vs. Hydra

And finally:

Bard the Bowman vs Smaug