Errors of the Alt-Right and their Precursors

After having watched a video of Richard Spencer’s presentation “Why Do They Hate Us”, and having read the comments below the video, it became clear to me that much of the general population is incapable of trusting the Alt-Right, including organizations such as the NPI (National Policy Institute) and American Renaissance, to be separatist or nationalist, as opposed to supremacist. Perhaps it is something about the image of a bunch of middle-aged to elderly white men in suits that gives them the creeps. I don’t know. For all practical purposes, those who think that the White Nationalism is covertly supremacist are really conspiracy theorists. They are very ignorant about the movement, and simply classify any movement that gives European-Americans a positive ethnic identity as “supremacist”.

A few comments were very interesting, and showed the diversity, and depth of thought found throughout the general public towards European-American Ethnonationalism. If you want to see the full gamut of public reaction you should follow this link.ImportanteVery ImportantHousesI perceive that the real issue here is that many in the general public are simply scared. they are reacting out of fear instead of empathy and reason. Either that, or they are closet communists… who knows? The job of Ethnonationalists now is to help the general public understand us rationally, thus we must clearly articulate what we are aiming for and what we are not aiming for. Aiming to make America a country with demographics similar to that of the mid-20th century scares a lot of people because it reminds them of the civil rights infringements during that time period. Therefore, a great error which the Alt-Right has commited is the conflation of ethnic nationalism with American civic Nationalism, which is largely (in my opinion) due to the (possibly unintentional) muddying of the waters by US presidential candidate Donald Trump and his Alt-Right supporters.


Once European-American Ethnonationalists clearly articulate their goal of political separatism within a limited geographic area, critics will have two options: 1.) Paranoia, or 2.) Rational Discourse. Those who remain paranoid that this is somehow a supremacist movement will have a burden of proof to back up their position. The other option, rational discourse, entails taking an objective look at the Alt-Right, as Sargon of Akkad has done in making this video. I don’t think that the Alt-Right is objectively bad, as Sargon seems to by the end of his video, but it does need a great deal of reform in order to gain mass appeal and actually work as a political platform.

As a Tolkien fan I can compare this crisis regarding the Alt-Right to a situation in the Battle of the Last Alliance. The Sindar Elvenking Oropher, who, with his son Thranduil, leads an army of Silvan elves against Sauron, charges hastily into battle without the command of the Noldor (a very wise clan of elves), and is subsequently killed. Richard Spencer (like many others before him in the White Nationalist movement) has charged into the current demographic culture war hastily without clearly stating his ultimate goal and without sufficiently confronting the intellectual arguments of the egalitarian left, subsequently to receive backlash from much of the general public through the label “white supremacist”.

Oropher’s Body

Now we, as young Millennial Ethnonatinoaists, Alt-Righters, and Neoreactionaries, like Thranduil end up returning from the battle, our courageous forbears put to shame, barely escaping with our (not life, but rather) reputation intact.We must learn from the mistakes of the efforts of our elders in our movement. We must use tact, we must carefully strategize, we must use precision to fight the great ideological Sauron of our time, Cultural Marxism. We must do so, not only for ourselves, but for subsequent generations of European-Americans.

Thranduil reunites with his son Legolas after the Battle of the Last Alliance