Provisional Post

The end of the year 2017 and the beginning of 2018 has been quite full of drama. The YouTube disputes between “skeptics”, dissident rightists, and libertarians have been rather entertaining (the fall of Kraut and Tea will live on as a proverbial lesson) and it gave important attention to biological realists such as JF Gariépy, and The Alternative Hypothesis (though I do not endorse absolutely everything they say). Like many others, I was a NAP libertarian before I oriented my political views towards ethnonationalism a few years ago; however, I still dissent from the authoritarians, so I have been able to view many of these discussions from an (admittedly, lonely) third-party perspective. I am hoping that the discussions will at least demarcate different competitive internet tribes, so I can clearly tell who not to intellectually associate with regarding politics.

I do not plan to post very often, if at all in coming months, as I have a great deal of “normie” business to take care of.

Excellent video written and narrated by JF: