Tolkien’s Elves and r/K Selection Theory

Update 10/15/17: This is an erroneous article: it uses a disfavored theory of r/K selection, and falsely conflates the Dionysian Overman with an Apollonian spiritual disposition. I have kept the article because of the useful discussion in the comments regarding r/K selection theory. 

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Concluding Reflections on Religion

In an attempt to end my discourse dealing with religion, I am writing this post. I have conversed with some reactosphere Christians since publishing my previous post, and I have respect for them as fellow reactionaries. I will now present the conclusion that I have currently reached on the matter of religion; it is not intended to be argumentative with anyone, but it is intended to be sincere: I have read the New Testament, and besides the doctrine of the incarnation, I have found it to have an incontrovertibly negative view of human existence in the flesh. This type of sentiment is particularly strong in but is not exclusive to the Pauline epistles. The physical manifestation of man (the flesh) is seen as something inherently defective, corrupt and bad because it has desires contrary to the law of the Christian God. In my view, this sentiment is a type of cowardice. It is effectively giving up on life, and the human species, including one’s nation/tribe/race altogether. I see improving upon our current existence in the physical realm as a higher road to take, and this is but one aspect of my religion of choice, Cosmotheism.

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