Ragnarok by Fakelore on DeviantArt

Hi, I am a young adult male who has found no better way to express his thoughts on a variety of subjects than through an anonymous blog. I consider myself a part of the ethnonationalist branch of the neoreactionary movement. And if you are wondering, I am an American of completely Northwestern-European ethnic background, and this is the perspective from which I write. As you have likely gathered from the title of my blog, I am definitely a Tolkien fan, but I also enjoy exposing myself to other fictional narratives and media, including ones from other cultures. Often I will philosophically interpret these narratives so as to give them a pragmatic importance. I also have an interest in the Pre-Christian religion and customs of Europeans. Much of my understanding of this subject has been shaped by the French Indo-Europeanist scholar Georges Dumezil.

As for the less philosophical side of me, I am definitely interested in population genetics, and I suggest that anyone fascinated with European population genetics visit the Eurogenes blog.