Provisional Post

For those who have not noticed yet, I edited my extremely popular (in terms of views) post on European Subraces, weeding out a lot of blatant factual inaccuracies and modifying it with new information which has come from recent archaeogenetic studies. It may be modified more as more of these studies are published.

I don’t want to disappoint my followers, but I will probably not be publishing articles on this website very frequently for the next few years. This mostly because I specialize in articles that are informative and these tend to require detailed research that I will not have time for because I will be busy getting a master’s degree in a field mostly unrelated this blog.

In order to avoid creating misconceptions from my older posts, my current tendency is to see Evola’s works as a combination of poetry and literary analysis. This is because he appears to be using poetic license to describe processes that can be understood as changes in entropy at different scales. These processes are ultimately driven my “physical” principles which he inadvertently terms “metaphysical” in his poetry because they are superordinate with respect to other physical principles. (The dichotomy between physical and metaphysical only makes sense if describing the first principles of the universe is not considered an aim of physics — it is a semantic problem).


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