Politics, IQ, and Autism

Several months ago I wrote a post mentioning the research of Satoshi Kanazawa, which indicated that in the US, there is a clear negative correlation between general intelligence and the characteristics of religiosity and political conservatism. As per usual there were probably those who saw this research as liberal propaganda of the Cathedral. I doubt this is true. He has also published a book The Intelligence Paradox, and written some articles on Psychology Today explaining why the high general intelligence of many liberals may lead to bad decision making. Kanazawa also pissed off the Cathedral quite a bit in another study on female facial attractiveness which was interpreted as being “racist”. So whatever you think about his research, it is difficult to make a case that Kanazawa is deliberately arguing on behalf of political liberals.

Kanazawa identified general intelligence as a contributing factor to political attitudes, but he also mentioned how there is another, lesser correlation with sex, where men tend to be more conservative than women. Given that conservatives tend to be high in conscientiousness and low in openness, some have thought that mild autism may be a factor in creating conservatism, and autism is likely a result of greater-than-normal masculinization of the brain. Likewise Liberals (a label having a left-wing connotation nowadays), on the other hand, are lower in conscientiousness and higher in openness, and may be described as having mild psychotism. These psychological phenomena may be responsible for a few outliers who do not fit into Satoshi Kanazawa’s observed correlation between general intelligence and political ideology, and perhaps it is not a coincidence that certain parts of the dissident right have gained a reputation for autism.

In a post which I published back in November, someone suggested that I might be autistic. I don’t think this is likely the case. I have some characteristics which are clearly unusual for autistic people. When tested in childhood, I had higher verbal intelligence than spatial intelligence and I have a high 2D:4D digit ratio. These are (well, as a scientist, I must put it bluntly) “feminine” characteristics and are negatively correlated with autism. Autistic people, having a (likely in utero) hyper-masculinized morphology, tend to have a lower 2D:4D ratio and higher spatial but comparatively lower verbal intelligence (link, link). I can see why some people would find me autistic at a glance, because of my apparent combination of intellectual competence and general awkwardness. However, as I began to suggest above, I more likely have the reverse: an in utero under-masculinized morphology as opposed to an over-masculinized one, and perhaps this is one reason why I have failed to agree with autistic purity spiraling (if purity spiraling is fueled by actual autism).


I would voice my views through a Twitter account and perhaps try to get on Youtube; however, I am rather busy, and frankly, I sometimes doubt I would receive positive attention from the right given some of the rubicons I have crossed on this blog (or perhaps I am just too past-oriented in my thinking regarding this). If anyone has input on this matter they may voice it if they wish to, in the comments below.







3 thoughts on “Politics, IQ, and Autism

  1. I have long assumed the negative correlation between g and religiosity to rather errant in its premise. Progressive ideology is a religion (a christian jewish pagan mashup that reveres victimhood) and most high g individuals are progressives. Outliers are the high g individuals who are not progressive.

    If progressivism is religion then religious fervor is reaching revival levels in the western world and it is the lower g cohorts who have been slow to adapt to this new faith. They stuck more closely to the old religions because social norms of those old religions were more important to the wellbeing of the lower g. This cohort has a higher likelihood of catastrophic life failure if they are not told that skydaddy will punish them for affairs, drug abuse, etc.

    Obviously the faith in both cases, interfering with better rational calculation, can cause undesirable outcomes but as an evolutionary strategy the patterns of the highly intelligent progress cult and the low intelligence sky cult are relatively simple to understand.

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