On the SWPLs, 5th PT, and Exit

Alaric the Visigoth in Athens

Politics is the art of the possible.

— Otto von Bismarck         August 11, 1867

I am often surrounded by the SWPL subculture in my usual school and work environment. The SWPLs, being both Brahmins (in the Mudbug sense), and probably the most universalist oriented demographic in the West, are ultimately the ones holding the Western liberal world order together at this point in history, and this status gives them hegemony over Western metapolitical discourse (this is an edited version of the original sentence, quoted by a commenter below).

I myself hope to obtain ethnic sovereignty, however until we gain enough influence over markets and public policy, it will be necessary for us to work within the SWPL cultural framework to survive, be successful, and get anything done. This is drawing from the ideas of the ethnic nomadism described in the “5th political theory” (which seems most like a mutation of the 4th PT of Dugin, just made to fit into current cultural trends better). It is essentially a type of Stoicism. If you read the following quote and replace the words “water” with “globalized society” (or even “modernity”), and “body” with “tribe” you will understand this approach:

The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will imediately bare its fangs and attack. But there’s nothing to fear. Don’t resist the water. Thrust your fingers into the surface and carve an opening. Then you slide your body through that opening. Moving your arms, your head, your chest, … — Nanase Haruka (Free!)

This (the 5th PT) is the strategy one takes when one knows that using force in an attempt to obtain sovereignty will fail. Therefore, as dishonorable as it may sound to some, it is the necessary course of action until the agency is gained to obtain sovereignty. In order to have the agency necessary for sovereignty, we will need the current Brahmin caste to cease to prevent it, and hopefully, side with us.

There are several things which must be considered in an effort to do this:

First, it is necessary to shun the behaviors that make certain self-proclaimed Rightists the useful idiots of our opposition: ideological fanaticism, disgraceful culture (14/88 tattoos etc.), and obvious oppositions to empirical science (this is a revision of the original sentence, quoted by a commenter below). We need to make ourselves intellectually and physically healthy. We should also argue that since contemporary ethnicities in Western multicultural areas (Pakis, Persians, East Asians, Indians, etc.) have strong ethnic identities, that we should be able to do the same. We could even sell ethnic identitarianism as a way SWPLs can conform with their nonwhite friends! We will need to create ethnic social networks, and an ethnocentric culture will need to form. Arguably, the Alt-Right is an ethnic sociocultural network in embryo. It just needs to get better at expanding itself to get more powerful people on board.

We could draw the analogy that SWPLs are sort of like hobbits. They have cute childish personalities; they are Epicureans; bravery and heroism among them is an exception, and most would much rather just stick to their Epicureanism than worry the costs of mass immigration being imposed outside of their protected bubble. They also, like Bilbo and Frodo Baggins (with the One Ring) possess an immense power, greater than the powers held by ethnocentrists (which we might liken to the elven rings). Like hobbits, the SWPLs need guidance and persuasion to do what is right, and maybe — just maybe we can get the most powerful among them to go on a metapolitical journey with us, and finally let go of the Ring of unipolarity, allowing it to melt back into the Levantine fires from which it emerged millennia ago.

And how should we show them this is necessary? Instilling in them a love of their own people and homelands (their “Shire” so-to-speak) is a must, but will only go so far. The Ring, it must be remembered, corrupts the hearts of those who bear it. Alternatively, their power may be torn away from them by some greedy Gollum, who himself will be destroyed by his own recklessness, falling into the pit of Doom. Either way, they must be reminded of what will come to pass if they should fail.







3 thoughts on “On the SWPLs, 5th PT, and Exit

  1. I like 5PT on account of the fact that they’re addressing the obviously impending demographic problems on the near horizon. That being said, I’d like to dispute a few points.

    >The SWPLs should not be underestimated in power. They form the basis of the current Brahmin caste in the West.

    I’d have to question whether or not this is true. SWPLs are commonplace in brahmin social strata, but are they the basis of that caste? I’d say the preponderance of evidence suggests Jews have held that role from at-least the post-war era onward. Obviously I don’t mean to suggest nobody else makes politically significant decisions, but you could strongly argue that recent history (particularly military history) suggests they hold a veto over SWPLs when it matters.

    >First, it is necessary to shun the behaviors that make certain self-proclaimed Rightists the useful idiots of our opposition: ideological fanaticism, disgraceful culture (14/88 tattoos etc.), and anti-science sentiments.

    I think the first two should go without saying, but I would pick a bone with the last. Scientism has become a serious problem within the academy. What is usually referred to as “anti-science,” in the SWPL main is nothing more than standard scientific skepticism towards politically correct pop science. Of course, if by anti-science you were being more literal (eg. primitivism, luddism) then I agree on all counts.

    >Alternatively, their power may be torn away from them by some greedy Gollum, who himself will be destroyed by his own recklessness, falling into the pit of Doom.

    It would be my contention that this is exactly what has already happened, reference being made to the first point. And failing that, it will happen due to the already in-place demographic trends I began by noting. Incidentally, I think the SWPL milieu will bifurcate when this occurs. Not necessarily hard identitarian vs. globalist, but rather those necessarily brought into at-least soft identitarianism and the others who had the resources to flee somewhere that identity could still be an afterthought.

    I think it’s the alt-rights job to spread white self-awareness among pretty much any whites that will listen. No need to grind one’s gears grabbing one cohort over another. Just build any kind of numbers, network, and wait for the refugee whites to begin arriving.

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    1. I would generally agree, though having grown up around a lot of liberal whites and being taught by them in academia, I am still hesitant to underestimate their power. They are probably more powerful in Western Europe and Canada right now than many parts of the US, which can lead some of us in the States to see them as less significant than they are. However, I think, as you seem to argue, that SWPL power, is at a tipping point, and this is one reason I chose to write this article, as it presents a chance to us.

      With regards to SWPLs being the basis of the Brahmin caste, the essence of a Brahmin caste is that it coerces with speech, i.e narratives etc. The realm of the Brahmins is not in the military or in finance. Jews coerce with speech a lot, but upper-class whites do it a lot as well, especially when the progressive movements include non-Jew-friendly sentiments such as anti-Zionism. Jews may be in some administrative positions in the Brahmin caste, but the bulk of its power, in praxis, lies in universalist whites.


    2. What I refer to as “anti-science” is simply the denial of empirical truth. A liberal who believes that the phenomenon of race does not exist (usually using strawman arguments), is as anti-science as a conservative who openly proclaims that the earth is 6000 years old. Empirical science should not be something that the Right is afraid of, and the Alt-Right is, fortunately, helping to correct this.


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