I Passed Organic Chemistry!

cce133085fa459f6494e8cc97e26e24c[Not to intimidate anyone reading this] and now you all know why I might appear to overanalyze things: in Organic Chemistry, what seems like overanalysis to most people is perfected as an art, hence I have gotten very accustomed to it. Next is Physical Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis. I am getting ever closer to infiltrating Academia. But in the meantime, I can get back to blogging more frequently about philosophical mumbo jumbo. That is unless you want me to blog about Chemistry — most people don’t find that as interesting.


2 thoughts on “I Passed Organic Chemistry!

  1. Congratulations and good luck on the other courses! A very dear friend of mine is a chemistry professor. He has a ton of fun setting things on fire and blowing things up–at least, that’s the fun part of his job. 🙂

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