Adapting Christianity

Pantheon Interior Photo
Interior of Pantheon, Rome

In light of the Western Christian Holy Week, I will set forth some ideas regarding how I think Christianity might be made more compatible with our current needs (I speak as an ethnocentric reactionary). It is slightly critical, but there may be solutions to some of the things I bring up. This post is not trying to argue the Christianity is true or false, or that it is good or bad; it is simply taking into account that many Westerners are Christians, and so it would be wise to have an interpretation of the faith that agrees with the cultural and ethnic preservation of the West.

  1. Use the Septuagint instead of Hebrew texts for Old Testament scripture, besides, the Septuagint is older than the Masoretic and other extant Hebrew texts, and scholarship indicates that it is what the apostles used. This also helps disconnect Christianity from the culture and language of Talmudic Judaism.
  2. Figure out how to harmonize martial aristocracy and moderate kin selection with Christian ethics. I Timothy 5:8 might help solve this.
  3. Figure out how to interpret the words of Jesus in the gospels so as not to produce a leveling, Marxist, dysgenic (re)sentiment. It is this perceived sentiment from the gospels that makes critics on the right think that leftists are just “Christians without a Christ”, and it is also responsible for foolish and corrosive “liberation theology” (cf. critical theory/”Cultural Marxism”).
  4. Interpret the meaning of the imperative ‘love not the world’ (first epistle of John) and other statements like this so as not to produce a world-rejecting (quasi-gnostic) sentiment. Ultimately one must accept the physical realm in order to be motivated to refine civilization.
  5.  Systematize a non-Zionist interpretation of Romans 11, also deal with Genesis 12 accordingly. Modern Jewry is to have no special spiritual status different from gentiles.
  6. Interpret II Corinthians 6 so that Christians and non-Christians can cooperate towards common political ends. The West will not be saved without this.
  7. Western churches should consider attempt reforming their view of original sin to be more in line with that of the Eastern Orthodox Church. In the Eastern understanding, man is viewed as inherently fallen, not guilty, by original sin (link) — this should help remove the axiological pipeline between original sin and white guilt, male guilt etc. which plagues the West today.
  8. Divorce the concept of God from the Near Eastern tribal divinity ‘YHWH’ — the Septuagint should help with this since God is not called ‘YHWH’ in the Septuagint. A well-studied history of Israelite monotheism should also help do this (YHWH may have simply been a borrowed epithet for the uniquely monotheistic God of the Israelites).
  9. Develop a way in which Western Christians can at least respect, and hopefully appreciate the pre-Christian culture of Europe, and acknowledge its role in the original foundation of Western Civilization through the Greeks and Romans (as well as the Celto-Germanic contribution of the manorial aristocracy).  We could really use some of the Roman aristocratic virtues — DignitasGravitas, PietasVirtus. Generally speaking, we need to keep an organic continuity with pre-Christian antiquity somehow — the renaissance might be a time to look back on for advice on approaching this matter.

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Web sites I found which may be of interest to reactionary Christians

There is a very creative blog I ran across by a Catholic medievalist writing about his perspectives on anime and religion; you can follow the link I posted below to his blog.

He provides some interesting insights regarding the importance of the body in the Christian religion which I had not considered before (link).

Also, some Anglican websites I ran across with a clearly reactionary point of view:


5 thoughts on “Adapting Christianity

  1. Thanks for recommending my blog! The Catholic Church has usually been friendly towards patriotic ideals: people argue that, in canonizing St. Joan of Arc, the Church has canonized patriotism itself. In Ireland, Croatia, and Poland, the Faith has been a great support and rallying point of nationalism. And, in most Western countries, the decline of Christianity can be linked to the decline of national pride. The one point where the Church and nationalism clash is that the Church claims that it has supreme moral authority and can judge the nations. But, I think this ability to appeal to a higher moral law is a healthy check on nationalism from going to extremes.

    Concerning the Classical and pagan cultures of Europe, no institution was more instrumental in preserving the literature and myths of those cultures for posterity than the Church through the work of Benedictine monks. The whole system of Classical education can be traced to medieval Europe, and the Church still maintains Latin as its official language. Would that the study of the Roman and Greek civilizations were still emphasized in public schooling!

    There are some superficial similarities between Christianity and Marxism–there even used to be greater similarity between the two in the old days when Marxists still claimed to favor the poor. But, there is really no reconciling the two visions for humanity. It’s an unfortunate thing that Marxist ideas have infiltrated Christianity (e.g. Liberation Theology and the Social Gospel movement) because equality of outcome appeals to certain Christians’ compassion. In reality, Christian doctrine, while acknowledging an equal reward (heaven), understands the universe as rife with inequality ordained by God (nine orders of angels, certain people seeming to received more mercy than others, rich and poor, etc.). The Catholic Church also has the principle of subsidiarity–that social and individual problems be dealt with by the lowest competent authority, which is anathema to Marxists. A Marxist says that the state should provide a man with a job; the Church says that a man should find his own employment.

    It is funny that the same people who harp on white guilt deny the idea of original sin and complain how it’s unfair. I will never understand that.

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