Chaos, Order, Nietzche, and the Future

I think it is clear that the neoreaction is an apollonian movement whereas the Alt-Right is essentially dionysian. This also corresponds to the Mitra-Varuna dichotomy which I discussed a while back where, drawing from the scholarship of Dumezil, Varuna represents a dionysian character whereas Mitra represents an apollonian one.

The Mysterious Past


“In Nietzsche’s early books, he suggested that all great art represents a balance between the wild energies of the Dionysian principle and the ordered control of the Apollonian principle, but his later books indicate a shift in his thinking. He began to feel that Western culture was too Apollonian. Because of this he seemed to imply that Western culture needed art to be more Dionysian to counterbalance its pathologically rational tendencies.”

Have you noticed lately how the most popular television shows these days (Real Housewives, Breaking Bad, any vampire show) are the ones filled to the brim with more chaos, violence, scandal, and unchecked emotions than ever before?  Only 100 years ago, Western culture was pretty uptight, with their suits and manners and monocles. Nietzeche suggested that this Apollonian characteristic had dominated Western psychology, and so art (aka entertainment) should reflect more Dionysian principles in order to create a balance.

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