Inside the Head of an Ideologue

I was going to post this later, but now with the George Ciccariello incident, I have decided to post it today.

I have observed among many, two prominent post-enlightenment, post-Darwinian justifications for different Western political positions regarding the fate of European peoples. Both follow from the premise that evolution is true, but reach different conclusions.

Inside the Head of a Leftist

The usual Europhobic leftist may not realize it, but being a child of Whiggism and Critical Theory, he (or more likely a she) often, but not always, follows a line of reasoning which goes something like this:

Evolution is true, therefore God does not exist, therefore Christianity is false, therefore the people who believed in Christianity (Europeans, and their white American descendants) are bad, therefore Europeans should go extinct through mass immigration, low birth rates and miscegenation.

now obviously this is full of logical fallacies which I don’t need to point out, and the leftist more likely did these mental gymnastics with the aid of emotionally based thought patterns of empathizing with out-groups, than any kind of rigorous logical deduction. The point I’m trying to make is that these people aren’t thinking things through; to us they are cruel, but they are really just like zombies, or rather robots simply following the mental programming that everyone else has in their urban metropolitan area by following this flawed logical deduction which they most likely received in their education.

Inside the Head of an Alt-Right Shitlord

The ethnonationalist right (not Christian fundamentalists, neocons or neoliberals) of the present day will likely counter the leftist argument I presented above using something like this:

Evolution is true, therefore different races have evolved different adaptations for different environments, therefore different races possess different strengths, therefore the white European race possesses unique strengths which have made it successful at producing higher civilizations, therefore the white European race should be preserved by preventing mass immigration and miscegenation, and increasing birthrates.

Now to me this logical deduction seems mostly valid. If one were to try to avoid any possibility of committing the naturalistic fallacy, you could take it a step further and argue that the white European race and the qualities inherent to it serve as a necessary biological platform, or raw material, for continued, self-directed evolution to make this race even fitter than it already is; to create a certain higher type of man.


It is worth taking the time to pick apart the thought process of your opponent in a political conflict. Even though logic might not be enough to sway the masses, it is enough to embarrass people who think of themselves as rational intellectuals, and who are capable of understanding the flaws of their own reasoning. This is important, especially when dealing with high IQ leaders (usually college professors) of legions of SJWs. We can no longer deal with these people by simply calling them “white-genocidists” (even if it’s true), because it just makes us look like whiggish liberals as well; rather, we need to take the risk of close-range combat (exhaustive debate) to deconstruct the ideology on which their views depend.

Morgoth and Fingolfin. by helgecbalzer
Morgoth and Fingolfin. by helgecbalzer on DeviantArt





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